Google Web Master Course

Are you looking for something amazing form Google? Well, you can go for search engine optimization rather than AdWords programs as it will enable you to draw more traffic. But before you do this make sure to sign for the Google Web Master tools.

What Is Google Web Master Tools?

Google Web Master tools are the tools of Google rather provide by Google that will enable you to analyze the performance of your website.

Working of GWT

After you sign up for the Google Webmaster tool, you need to log in and then you can add your website there. After you are finished with adding your website Google will verify whether the website you added is actually owned by you or not. Given below are three ways that will enable you to do the necessary.

  • Adding a DNS record to the domain configuration
  • Adding meta tag to the homepage of your website
  • Uploading HTML file to your server
  • Linking your Google Analytics account with Google Webmaster


You can consider the above-mentioned steps to verify your website and once it is done you can see all your data and information on your site. Do not be impatient as in most of the cases it takes some hours before the data is shown. Hold your patience as it will start rolling after some hours. The dashboard provides you a general overview of all the things ranging from keywords ranking to how much traffic count you are getting. Moreover, Google dashboards enable you to see if Google boot is meeting any errors when it goes through your website, number of the website linked with yours, the total number of pages Google has indexed.

Site Configuration

As you know nobody is perfect and so is Google. So in order to ensure better rank, you must configure your website. When you go for configuring it, there are few fields that you must make sure to be familiar with. One of the best things you can do is by submitting a sitemap which will enable Google to determine the pages that you are having on your site, by which they will be able to index them.

One thing that you must keep in mind, the sitemap that you will submit to Google must be in XML format which will be limited to 50000 urls. Be sure to split up the sitemap in case you exceed the limits.

Do not worry if you are not technical enough as you can seek for XML sitemaps which will enable you to rate sitemap. You just need to enter the URL of the homepage followed by clicking on start.

Html SuggestionsGoogle will crawl your website if it finds any issues with the content of your website. However, this sort of issue will not prevent the website from coming into the view of the Google search results. But in order to boost the traffic to your website, you must address them. These are some of the basic that will help you to be familiar with Google Web Master tools.