Email Marketing Services

Email marketing can be defined as the function of sending purely commercial messages to personal email ids of groups of people. These messages are sent to present customers and future customers of different products. The main aim of sending such emails is product promotion, soliciting donations, and advertising about new products. They build loyalty, brand awareness, and trust. Emails are always sent to a fixed customer database. The emails can be sent to previous or present customers for encouraging them to buy a new product.


Email marketing has become increasingly important in the 21st century. In fact, Gary Thuerk in 1978 of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) was the first person who sent the mass email to 400 people.

His action gave instant result and triggered the sale of DEC products by a whopping $ 13 million dollars. The importance of email marketing thus came to the fore but coupled with it came the drawback of users who could now block these emails using filters and blocking programs.

Email marketing should always be carried out after thorough market research as identifying the target customer base is equally important. Often effective marketing plans are carried out after such research.


The various types of email marketing are discussed below.

Transactional emails- Transactional email is mainly undertaken where there is a previous relationship with a customer. They come in the form of order confirmation mail, password reset emails, email receipts, reorder emails etc.

Direct emails- Direct emails are mainly sent for the promotional purpose. The list of emails of different recipients is acquired from service companies.

Mobile email marketing-Mobile email marketing is facilitated by the use of smartphones and tablets. However, most messages can still be filtered out. It is sent only after careful observation of consumer behavior.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Email marketing is an effective form of communication as companies can exactly predict the profit. It is both time-consuming and affordable. A business organization can study consumer behavior after finding their response to different emails. Companies can employ email service

provider to answer such needs. It can be used for both types of marketing campaigns that are print and digital. The response rate is high when compared to standard emails.

On its negative side, the deliverability of emails still faces a big question. Most importantly such emails should not flout the Spam laws that are operative in different nations.

Legal Conditions

European Union

In 2002 the European Union passed a law on the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communication. The Directive protects people from receiving a personal email for product promotion. It can only be done when there is a prior understanding between both sides.


The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 restricts using email from misleading the recipients by sending wrong information. It imposes a fine of $16000 for violating the law. The Act was further updated in July 2008.

Thus although email marketing ensures high return it should be carried out carefully. It is undoubtedly one of the cheapest way to promote the business or the product and unparalleled when It comes to customer reachability.